Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program

SAP has been in existence in PA since the 1984-1985 and is a mandated program through PA school code and Act 211.

As more schools implement SWPBIS, the question arises as to how these programs can work together. This section of the website will include resources as they are developed to assist you in this process.

If you need additional information on SAP and SWPBIS please contact your Regional SAP Coordinator.

SAP Website

State and Regional SAP Staff:  At the state level, there are regional staff who oversee the implementation of SAP in the Commonwealth. Please refer to the map to locate the person who covers your county and can provide technical assistance on SAP.

PA Approved SAP Trainers Student Assistance teams are trained by one of the Commonwealth-Approved Trainers. If you need training, please refer to this list .

SAP & PBIS Resources

The core of both SAP and PBIS is the developement of a team. Below you will find several resources to assist in the process. Please contact your SAP Regional Coordinator and SWPBIS facilitater who will be able to assist you.


Additional Cross-Systems Resources

In addition to Student Assistance schools also implement a variety of other programs that may also need to be looked at as to how to coordinate efforts. As those resources become available they will also be posted in this section of the website.

County CASSP and Children's Behavioral Health Contacts: The Children's Bureau in the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Children's Bureau maintains a list of individuals in each county who understand how the children’s behavioral health system works in their counties and can serve as a resource to family members, providers and others who need assistance with services.

Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs: Click here to find your County Resources