Families are an important partner in the PAPBS Network. For specific program information/ resources in your community, contact your local school district or your PaTTAN regional coordinator. These contacts are:

Eastern Region of Pennsylvania

School Wide Coordinator:

Brynne Rice 

1-800-441-3215, ext. 7244


Program Wide Coordinator:

Toni Miguel




Central Region of Pennsylvania

School Wide Coordinator:

Kelly Swartwood



Program Wide Coordinator:

Susan Zeiders




Western Region of Pennsylvania

School Wide Coordinator:

Kathryn Poggi

1-800-446-5607, ext. 6857


Program Wide Coordinator:

Lisa Gragg, 1-800-446-5607, ext. 6882


Resources For Families


When families and school staff work together as partners in school and programwide PBIS systems, implementation improves and there are better outcomes for everyone involved.  Sharing responsibility for school-wide plans and procedures and using similar strategies at home help students generalize pro-social behaviors across the community.  On this page, there are specific resources for families as well as resources for coaches who collaborate with families daily. 


Resources for Families / Caregivers

National Pyramid Model Backpack Series: Teaching Children Social Emotional Skills at Home

Make Life Easier: Resources for Teaching and Organizing Routines In and Out of the Home 

Communication is key: Strategies to Improve Communicating with Your Child

Giving Positive Feedback Starters: Providing Positive Feedback and Encouragement to Your Child

Today I feel: Teaching Your Child to Express Their Feelings

How We Can Stay Calm: Strategies to Help You and Your Child during Challenging Behaviors

Taking a Break: Using a Calm Down Area at Home

Rules at Home: Teaching Children What to Do vs. What NOT to Do 

Solution Kit Home Edition: Problem Solving with Picture Cards

Barton Research Lab Resources for Families: Resources for families including managing challenging behaviors, social emotional development, play and recreation, inclusion, diversity, acceptance, preparing for school, and advocacy.

Scripted Stories for Social Situations: Resources in multiple languages for transitions, routines in the home, and problem solving.

National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations Booklist:  Diverse examples of books that can be used to promote social-emotional skills such as feelings and emotions, friendships, kindness, and problem solving for ages 3-8.

Pennsylvania Families Incorporated:  PFI is a not for profit Statewide Family Network providing support to families raising children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and special needs, as well as serving as an advocate in the different child serving systems.

PA Parent and Family Alliance  Free resources for parents whose children are experiencing mental health challenges including access to the podcast, "This is Not What I was Expecting," Tips Sheets written by parents for parents, navigating the juvenile justice system, and networking. 

Family Routine Guide:  Strategies for the common routines and activities that occur during the family’s week. This workbook provides ideas that will assist parents/caregivers in thinking about what the child may be communicating through his/her challenging behavior and how to develop a plan of support. 



 Family Engagement in PBIS  PDF Power Point  ( The video links in this version of the Power Point do not link )

 Family Engagement  in PBIS Powerpoint  (The Power Point is very large, you will need to down load the Power Point in order to view it and the videos)

 PA Study group Ideas 


Aligning and Integrating Family Engagement in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)   CLICK HERE

Early Learning Standards about Family Partnerships