Program Wide Training

What training is offered to reach fidelity?

The Program Wide PaPBS Network team offers a 2-year professional development track that takes you through each element of the Program Wide Early Childhood Benchmarks of Quality and provides clear guidance and practical activities to help your program begin your Program Wide implementation of PBIS. Other offerings may include the Pyramid Model Modules, Professional Development Instructor Institutes, Practice Based Coaching, Prevent, Teach, Reinforce for Young Children and Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool Reliability training.

Where/how do we get the training we need?

The training you require will either come from the PaPBS Network ECE Subcommittee or the Pennsylvania Key. We also strive to build training capacity within programs to build their own trainers “in-house” to increase sustainability and less dependence on state training offerings. Monitor the PD Registry and the PaTTAN Training calendar for opportunities.