Program Wide Timeline

What is the timeline for applying for Program-Wide Recognition?

Timelines for applying for recognition vary yearly. Generally, the application is due in the fall.  Due dates are reviewed at the annual facilitators meeting in September and posted on the PaPBS PW Date Saver.

What are the date ranges for completing and submitting assessments?

Annual data should be submitted according to the Data Requirements document and completed by 6/30 of each program year.   At the very latest, all annual data must be submitted by the due date of the recognition application.

What happens if our program misses a deadline?

There are various reasons that a program can miss a deadline either for the submission of the application or assessment that needs to occur. These deadlines are put in place in order to complete the rest of the process such as providing notifications, completing the banner development, and preparing materials for recognition. Work closely with your Program-wide (PW) facilitator and have them communicate with their Regional Facilitator to address any deadline issues.