School Wide General

What is the PaPBS Network?

The Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support Network (PaPBS) provides the oversight of the implementation of PBIS in Pennsylvania. The goal of the PaPBS Network is to ensure that all schools have the necessary technical assistance, collaborative opportunities, and evaluative tools needed to overcome non-academic barriers to learning and achieve competence and confidence in advancing academic, social, and emotional success for all students.
          The Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support Network (PaPBS Network), through training and technical assistance, supports schools and their family and community partners to create and sustain comprehensive, school-based behavioral health support systems in order to promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of all Pennsylvania’s students.

What is a facilitator and why do we need one?

A PaPBS Independent Schoolwide (SW) Facilitator has applied for, been trained through, and mentored via the PaPBS Network established protocol. It may seem easy to download free materials off the internet but the science behind the practices is a critical understanding that only a trained facilitator can provide.
The PaPBS Network has over 10 years of data to support the procedures and protocols we encourage. When implementing Schoolwide PBIS, there is a lot to learn and develop. A PaPBS Independent SW Facilitator can help you through the process and make sure the steps needed to build a solid foundation are developed.  In addition, working with a Facilitator is required to be a part of the PAPBS network.

How do I find my facilitator?

When looking to find an Independent SW Facilitator, contact the regional office where your program is located. There are Regional Coordinators located in the three PaTTAN offices. Please contact any of the following :

●     PaTTAN Pittsburgh- Kathryn Poggi,

●     PaTTAN East- Tina Lawson

●     PaTTAN Harrisburg- Kelly Swartwood,

What is “Implementation Fidelity” and why is it important?

Replace the term “fidelity” with “accuracy.” Implementation fidelity or accuracy is achieved when a program has implemented the steps for a specific tier and reached the percentages designated by the evaluation tools used to measure implementation. Each tier of PBIS has specific assessment tools that are used to evaluate implementation fidelity/accuracy. These fidelity tools come from the national center for PBIS. The PaPBS Network is part of the national technical assistance network. Please check out Center on PBIS It is very important that a program is implementing PBIS with fidelity/accuracy to gain the maximum benefit of the School-Wide PBIS framework. The data from schools in Pennsylvania network supports this assertion in the PAPBS Program Evaluation conducted by Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

What is the purpose of School-Wide Recognition?

The purpose of the PAPBS network recognition system is to identify and publicly recognize School Wide (SW) Sites for successful implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). It also affords SW Sites and districts the opportunity to accurately self-reflect on their progress implementing and sustaining PBIS.  Please refer to this page to see previously recognized schools.

What are the categories for recognition?

There are four categories of PAPBS Network recognition:

●   Universal (Tier One) Initial Implementation with Fidelity

●   Universal (Tier One) Sustained Implementation with Fidelity

●   Universal and Tier Two Implementation with Fidelity

●   Implementation Fidelity at all three Tiers

How do I join the network?

Joining the network is as simple as contacting a Regional Coordinator who will connect you with an Independent PAPBS facilitator who will provide an overview of the framework and steps needed to become a part of the network. There are Regional Coordinators located in the three PaTTAN offices. Please find their contact information on this page.

Schoolwide Regional PBIS Coordinators