District Coach

District Coach Project:

This project is a partnership between PaTTAN, the PaPBS Network, the Midwest PBIS center, and the OSEP Technical Assistance Center out of the University of Missouri.

The plan is to provide technical support to Network Facilitators with district level implementation of PBIS. The work for this project is based on the District Systems Fidelity Inventory Version 0.2 (DSFI).  The DFSI is a rubric that supports the PBIS implementation blueprint.  It guides districts to create systems to support effective and efficient implementation of PBIS. Dr. Kelsey Morris, from the University of Missouri and coauthor of the DFSI, will host each of the monthly coaching calls.   For an orientation to this process,  please take time to watch this session offered at the 2020 PBIS Leadership conference: 




District Systems Fidelity Inventory Tool

12/10 /2020  1- 2:30 EST                  Welcome and Domain 1 and explain the DSFI tool 


1/28/2021  1-2:30 EST                     Domains 2 and 3--Stakeholder Engagement/Funding and Alignment      


2/25/2021  1-2:30 EST                     Domain 4 Policy/ Domain 5 Workforce Capacity


3/24/2021  1-2:30 EST                     Domain 6 Training


4/20/2021  1-2:30 EST                     Domain 7 Coaching


NEW!  District Data Story:  How can you use your system outcomes to evaluate the impact of PBIS in your district and school? 

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5/20/2021  1-2:30 EST                     Domain 8 Evaluation


6/10/2021  1- 2:30 EST                    Domain 9 Local Implementation Demonstrations